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I’ve been running quite a few email related experiments recently, to improve my overall optin conversion rate and convert more casual readers into email subscribers. And it’s definitly working – I’m seeing record months with 1000+ new email subscribers per month and no sign of slowing down (not if I have something to say about it).

Anyways – here’s a quick tactic I’ve been using on Aweber to nudge some of my unconfirmed subscribers to confirm their subscription.

2. How Many Subscribers Do Not Confirm?

Your readers are human beeing – forgetful and sometimes easily distracted like all of us. So – some of them will optin into your email list and then simply forget to confirm their subscription. That’s just the way things work – nothing you can do about it. Well – almost nothing.

First – let’s see how many of these forgetful readers I have:


Hmm – that’s not goot – that’s a huge number of readers that fall into the forgetful category – 1106 in one month – that’s almost 50%!

One note about that number is that it’s somewhat higher than normal – that’s because I’m running some experiments that send the reader the optin magnet before confirming their email. That’s not ideal of course, but it’s part of the experiment. Nevertheless, 50% is huge.

So – what can we do about it.

3. The Recover Tactic

The obvious solution would be to re-send the confirmation email. Unfortunately Aweber doesn’t have allow for that – so, instead, we’ll export all of these unconfirmed subscribers and re-import them back into the system.

The export is very simple – once you have filtered them as in the image above, there is an “Export CSV” option on the page. However, you can’t re-import them just yet – since they’re already in the system. You cannot delete them either – there is no option to delete an unconfirmed subscriber in Aweber.

What you can do however, is wait – these subscribers are automatically deleted after 30 days.

So – after the 30 days have passed, we can safely re-import the CSV file. The re-import process will send the confirmation email again, and – some of these subscribers will actually confirm.

4. The Results

Finally – the results – I’m seeing a 6-8% conversation rate after import. That’s not great – but, out of 1100 people – that still means ~90 new subscribers for free.

A quick and easy tactic to recover some of your unconfirmed subscribers before they’re lost forever – hope you’ll put it to good use.

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