Baeldung is a software engineering site centered around Java and web technologies.

Meta.baeldung is where I am documenting my process of building Baeldung, growing my email list. It’s basically where I iterate in public, sharing:

  • Traffic Numbers
  • A/B test results
  • Email Marketing

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  • Bazlur Rahman Rokon

    How do you pronounce Baeldung ??

    • Well, you can decide between pronouncing the a or keeping it silent (Beldung) 🙂

      • Bazlur Rahman Rokon

        Interesting .I’m curious to know what it means in English?

        • Doesn’t mean anything in any language – which sometimes is a good thing because you’re able to get the .com (and other handles on other social platforms). The word itself is from an old game 🙂

          • Bazlur Rahman Rokon

            Gotcha. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

          • Sure thing Bazlur. Cheers and keep in touch,