Baeldung is a software engineering site centered around Java and web technologies.

Meta.baeldung is where I am documenting my process of building Baeldung, growing my email list. It’s basically where I iterate in public, sharing:

  • Traffic Numbers
  • A/B test results
  • Email Marketing

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My Google+:



  1. Bazlur Rahman Rokon

    How do you pronounce Baeldung ??

  2. Sewwandi Rajapaksha

    Why is commenting no longer available in your blog?

    • Hey Sewwandi,
      Commenting is actually available during the first few months of an article going live.
      It’s turned off then simply because we need to keep the volume to a manageable level.
      Hope that makes sense.

  3. I am reading your blog frequently but i am not able to remember sitename. every time i go to google and try to find over there after one or two searching i find your site 🙂

  4. I would like you to know that your website is very helpful. Please keep up the good work. Cheers.

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