Opening Up


I have decided to open up the stats for my technical blog, along with most other things that may help someone learn to improve their own website.

The plan is simple – I’m going to publish:

  • Traffic Numbers monthly
  • Earning Reports monthly (when there’s something to report)
  • A/B Test Results every two weeks
  • Tutorials on the tools I’m using

I am a strong believer in the core principles of open source – and I see no reason that shouldn’t also apply to the platform I’m using to share what I learn – my blog.

Another reason to publish was the fact that I could find almost no technical blogs sharing this kind of information – most of the publications that have an open and transparent attitude towards traffic and income and publish regular reports are not in the technical space.

So here goes:

Hope it’s going to be as interesting to read as it is fun to write.

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Abderrazak ABO
Abderrazak ABO
8 years ago

Hi Eugen !

I’m eager to see what looks like

very thankful for the share and keep sharing …