• You should install Q2W2 Sticky Widget and make your sidebar scroll with the visitor. 🙂

    “opt into my email list (on your right).” had me confused until I scrolled all the way up.

  • LukasEder

    BTW: You should also challenge a couple of techniques employed on this very interesting blog here: http://www.groovehq.com/blog. They’re doing things quite well to get subscriber conversion!

    • Hey Lukas – yeah, I’ve been following them since they started – some great lessons in there and quite inspiring to see how to grow. It’s especially interesting given that they recently had a bit of trouble – to see that – yes, that can and probably will happen, and – while it’s bad, it’s not “loose your business” bad.
      So thanks for that – I am planning to try out some of their suggestions, as well as a host of other experiments I have lined up.

      • LukasEder

        Great, looking forward to that!