Baeldung January 2014 Report

January was an interesting month with SEO traffic going up and down like crazy. Looks like the 18 new articles I wrote in December had an effect – although the effect was more likely on overall domain authority because the actual traffic to the new articles doesn’t account for the traffic spike.

In January I wrote a total of 11 new articles and updated 1 older one; 4 of these are part of my new “Weekly Review” series.

Overall Traffic

Let’s start by looking at the overall traffic – which has seen a huge 76% spike from 39,283 page views in December to 69,112 in January.

Baeldung Traffic for January 2014

Baeldung Traffic for January 2014

The stats have seen moderate improvements as well:

Baeldung Traffic Stats for January 2014

Baeldung Traffic Stats for January 2014

So overall, this has been a good month in terms of traffic.

Search Traffic

Now, let’s see what happened to my organic search traffic in January:

Baeldung Search Traffic for January 2014

Baeldung Search Traffic for January 2014

The increase in SEO traffic is big as well – 45% spike from 24,377 views in December to 35,302 in January!

The main reason for this is the infusion of new content – the 18 articles I wrote in December and 11 new ones in January. What is important is that not much search traffic is actually going to these new articles – instead, my older pillar articles have increased their ranking, probably because of an increase in domain authority.

Referral Traffic

Let’s now take a peak at the top referrers:

Baeldung Referrer Information for January 2014

Baeldung Referrer Information for January 2014

A few interesting traffic increases happening here: dzone, Twitter and Feedly have all seen spikes, mostly due to the new content, so no real unexpected changes.

Email Signups

After email conversions had dropped in December, I was lucky able to revert the trend and get back to my standard conversion rate for Email Optins:

Mailchimp January 2014

Mailchimp January 2014

So – my list has grown with 332 new subscribers in January, up from the 205 I had in December.

What’s more, I pulled the trigger and moved to Aweber in the last few days of January – so 84 new subscribers have gone directly there – for a total of 416 new subscribers for the full month of January (a new high for my blog).


One clear takeaway for this month is that Google really likes new content – and a ~50% spike in SEO traffic is proof of that fact.

As for the future – I have big plans – starting with a redesign rolling out in early March and using new eBooks as lead magnets – in a more targeted way.

See you in February.

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