Baeldung Q2 2015 Report

Baeldung Overall Traffic for Q2 2015

The second quarter of 2015 is over, and this year I decided to move my reports to a quarterly cadence.

Here we go…

Traffic in Q2 2015

Let’s start with the traffic numbers:

Baeldung Overall Traffic for Q2 2015
Baeldung Overall Traffic for Q2 2015

Things have been nice and stable – no more de-indexing incidents like the one back in January.

The metrics of the site are also similar to Q1:

Baeldung Traffic Stats for Q2 2015
Baeldung Traffic Stats for Q2 2015

Finally, the referrers of the site have shifted a bit – but nothing significant:

Baeldung Referral Traffic for Q2 2015
Baeldung Referral Traffic for Q2 2015

The official Spring site broke top 10, and Twitter has been growing well but other than that – business as usual.

Email Subscribers

Email is also consistent – 2865 new subscribers over the last 3 months:

Baeldung Traffic Stats for Q2 2015
Baeldung Traffic Stats for Q2 2015

I’m outgrowing Aweber, so the next screenshots that I’m going to post about email signups should hopefully be from Drip.

Also – I’m finally replacing my old optin wordpress plugin – OptinSkin, with one that is simply better and will allow me to do a lot more A/B testing over the next quarter.

Other Goings On in Q2

So these are the Q2 numbers – very much stable. What else is going on? Traveling mostly, but quite a few other things as well.

The first bit of news is that I decided that, if I want to keep growing Baeldung, I can’t do it all myself. So – I opened up the site for external authors; not just guest posts, but payed articles, with clear budgets and well defined writing guidelines.

Took a while to fine-tune the process, but now it’s finally open and moving forward. So – it’s going to be interesting tracking the results of other authors writing for the site.

Next – I continued putting together webinars. Not a lot of them – since I’ve been out of the country for a couple of months. Now that I have my feet wet with webinars, I’m going to start building a proper funnel around these and will be starting to write about that here over the summer.

New Studio And New Course

The next bit of news is that I finished upgrading my recording gear, preparing for the lots of recordings I’m going to do during the summer. I picked up:

So I finally went professional to get a better sound quality for the new course.

Which leads me to my next focus in Q3 – recording the REST With Spring video course. My Spring Security course with Packt is now almost 2 years old so it’s high time I step up my game and get into recording again. It’s a huge amount of work to put together a high quality course (took me 6 full months on the previous one), but I also learned a lot in terms of editing, voice and mic technique, etc – so I expect this new one will take slightly less.

And that wraps up Q2. Q3 will be all about recording my course – so that’s certainly going to keep me busy for the summer.