• Still don’t see the “pop up” implemented on you website Eugen, you were postponing for too long. I implemented even better pop up – an “exit intent” one. It doubles my email conversions.
    Visitors are very reluctant to click “no, I have too many customers”, so they are opting in my list.
    Now I will try your “experiment #3” with fixed opt in form. Lets see if I have any change in subscription rate.

    • Hey Zhenya – yeah, I’m using the “Exit Intent” popup (from Leadpages) on the site as well now and seeing a ~2% conversion – which is decent. I haven’t tried the “make the user feel bad” route yet :), but it’s on my TODO list. Cheers,

      • no no, the “make the user feel bad” is not even an option.

        Exit entent pop up – is just that, it appears only on the exit. So we not distracting our users, just inviting them right before they decided to close a tab with our web page.

        I use wBounce – which is a free option to “Bounce Exchange” – these guys are notorious for charging $5000 for a WP plugin 🙂 but you can see a top of the notch implementation.

        • By “make the user feel bad” I just meant the “No, I don’t need more customers” message for the “Cancel”.
          I didn’t know about them – their copy is fun, but I’m clearly not their target market 🙂

          • True (about the “cancel” button).
            Me neither their potential customer 🙂