Baeldung Report – October 2013

October was a busy month, with lots of experiments, mainly to improve my email signup conversation rates, but also with 4 new articles published and 3 re-worked.

On the content side – I started to experiment with a new article format – the cookbook – the format is short, schematic and very code-centric. In fact, these are my own internal development cookbooks, in a format that I’ve been using for years and has served me well – so I am now taking the extra step of cleaning it up and publishing it for others to use.

Overall Traffic

The new content has generated a good chunk of extra traffic – about 25% more to be exact:

Baeldung Traffic for October 2013

Baeldung Traffic for October 2013

My stats are largely unchanged – small drop from the new, more seasonal traffic but nothing major:

Baeldung Traffic Stats for October 2013

Baeldung Traffic Stats for October 2013

Search Traffic

Search traffic has seen ~25% an increase during the month of October – my suspicion is that it’s related to the new Hummingbird algorithm, as the timelines seem to match.

To cut a long story short – here are the numbers:

Baeldung Search Traffic for October 2013

Baeldung Search Traffic for October 2013

Referral Traffic

Referral traffic is probably the most volatile and as such sees the most change month over month. That said, my top 5 referrers usually stay pretty much the same – it’s in the 6-10 positions that the most change occurs:

Baeldung Referrer Traffic for October 2013

Baeldung Referrer Traffic for October 2013

This month, feedly makes an appearance again on stop 6 – which is entirely expected since I had new articles come out – which made the rounds on RSS.

The other interesting appearance on this list is Facebook – first time in my top 10 referrers – but with a bounce rate of over 90% – clearly Facebook isn’t where my readers hang out.

Experiment Highlights

The highlight of October has been the experiments I ran to improve my Email Signup rate – the results speak for themselves – I had 113 new email signups compared to the 20 subscribers I gained in September:



For the chronological list of changes/experiments I ran to make these improvements, you can read:

With all of these changes in place, I expect November to be an interesting month for Email signups.

Takeaways this Month

Assumptions are evil – test everything and assume nothing.

It takes a lot of experience even approximate correctly – on the other hand – testing is easier than ever before. The process of testing out a hypothesis is the backbone of any serious kind of evolution, and it needs to be done consistently and with discipline.

However, as this latest experiment proves – it’s well worth testing out an intuition or a hypothesis.


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